Al and Peggy's Corner: June 2009

Can You Believe It? Christmas in June...

It was another great weekend.  Little rain on Sunday, but the grass and flowers needed it.  We were up in Orillia, ON on the Saturday to check out the annual Boater's Christmas in June event for 2009.  Imagine, Christmas in June.  Us Canadians have a hard time relating to Christmas without snow.  We know a lot of you would have a hard time believing it also, so here's some proof.



We had to show you that little video, Christmas songs in June, crazy eh?

Check these pics, some of the Captains and their crew went all out decorating their boats.  Different themes were abundant.  One boat had over 15,000 lights.



Everything continued to heat up through out the day.  People were lining up along the shore waiting for the parade of lights.  The sun went down... the lights came on and ahoy... they were off.




Merry Christmas,

Al and Peggy Cunningham 



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