A new law in effect in Florida requires Canadians to have an international driver’s permit to drive in that state, in addition to a regular driver’s licence.

The state legislature passed a law requiring all non-resident drivers in Florida to carry such a permit as of Jan. 1, 2013.

The new law applies to those renting cars as well.

This is not something a driver has to test for, since you can buy such a permit from the Canadian Automobile Association for $25.

It’s a standardized document that translates your licence details into 10 different languages and is required, in addition to your regular driver’s licence.

There are up to three-million Canadian snowbirds in Florida; however the CAA told the Toronto Star it is trying to get the state of Florida to modify or waive the law for Canadians.

The next legislative session doesn’t take place until March, and the Star reported the soonest any change could take place would be July.

The CAA is urging you to get one of the permits if you are heading to Florida for the March Break.


We heard Texas, Arizona or California would be great replacements, they all have a lot of Sun, don't they?